S2 Ep12: Three Beginnings

Host Ben Hess is fascinated by beginnings - get it right, and you've hooked your reader. Get it wrong, and all your hard work is set aside for another story or book. He explores how strong works begin with interviews and readings from science and environmental writer Craig Childs (Apocalyptic Planet: A Field Guide to the Everending Earth, House of Rain), writer and teacher BK Loren (Theft and Animal, Mineral, Radical: A Flock of Essays on Wildlife, Animals, & Food), and Pulitzer Prize Finalist Luis Alberto Urrea (The Devil’s Highway: A True Story, The Hummingbird’s Daughter) .

Craig Childs - http://www.houseofrain.com/
BK Loren: http://bkloren.com/
Luis Alberto Urrea - http://www.luisurrea.com/

Season Two Partner, Writing By Writers - http://writingxwriters.org
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Produced & Hosted By: Ben Hess - http://twitter.com/BenHess

Election Year Lit Selection - Primary Colors by Anonymous / Joe Klein


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