I've been assembling fantastic teams of writers, actors, and crew since 2003 under my Bay Area Pictures banner. Whether corporate videos, documentary projects, narrative films, or commercials / PSAs my passion is to produce compelling stories that make an impact.

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I bring the good fortune of having trained as an actor - 30+ theater productions - and I've also traveled to 25 countries. Both experiences influence the film, video, and transmedia projects I direct.  As I also occasionally shoot & edit, I direct with the end in mind. 

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Compelling stories come in all shapes, sizes, and media formats. Some are best told visually, with film. Others are best performed live. Then there are the tales best on the page, in written form. Regardless, I strive to apply core storytelling principles to all my projects. 

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Always creative and thinking outside the box, Ben was the 20th century avatar of the Renaissance Man: imaginative, sportster, synthetic thinker who could see the trees, but never lost sight of the forest. Since then he has become a notable presence in the Bay Area media scene. Need a media solution? Need a creative idea or two to beef up your take-aways? Ben is your answer!”

- Harry Kisker, Director of College Counseling, ESM Strategic Counseling


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