S2 Ep11: Language for the Ineffable

How do we elegantly write about ‘unexplainable’ concepts like spirit, sex, beauty, or death? In a lightly edited panel discussion, national and regional award winners Mark Doty, Greg Glazner, and Lidia Yuknavitch provide thoughtful consideration to this challenging task while referencing literary giants Hart Crane, Emily Dickinson, Wallace Stevens, and Walt Whitman. You’ll also hear the third installment of our Election Year Literature segment, featuring Pulitzer Prize finalist Luis Alberto Urrea’s recommendation.

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Mark Doty - http://markdoty.blogspot.com/
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Lidia Yukanavitch - http://www.lidiayuknavitch.net/
Luis Alberto Urrea - http://www.luisurrea.com/

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Election Year Lit Selection: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream by Hunter S. Thompson

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