Yacht Rock's Really a Thing

I'm posting for 60 days straight, leading up to my early December birthday, and I'm making the time to write on behalf of slain UCC Professor and aspiring novelist, Larry Levine.

The venue probably held 500. And it was SRO - standing room only - of 40 and up adults. We'd paid to hear a band, Yacht Rock Revue (YRR), do 1980s covers for two hours, specifically the entire Thriller album from Michael Jackson followed by other gems from Toto, Hall & Oates, and Prince among others. Despite derisively dismissing much of those bands & their songs back in the day - I considered Van Halen, Rush, Violent Femmes, U2, and INXS much cooler - the YRR show was an absolute blast. I knew EVERY song played as did most everyone else in the crowd. The musicians were great. Really tight show, lots of range vocally and musically. 

I didn't know about this yacht rock movement until recently -- there was a write-up in the Wall Street Journal even -- and I can only say: if you have a chance to see a yacht rock band or YRR specifically, get your tickets ASAP. A fun time will be had, guaranteed.