the stunning #womensmarch #resistance

Eight years ago my teenage daughter and mom traveled to Washington D.C. for President Barack Obama's inauguration. They braved the bitter cold and the crushing crowds to celebrate history - an African American sworn in as POTUS.

Like millions, I was stunned November 8th, boldly buying the media’s analysis that Trump’s candidacy was a farce. A colossal joke played on conservatives across the country. It was so clear he’s a bigoted, unqualified charlatan. Of course Hillary was going to win, it was simply a matter how badly she'd trounce him.

That night was a strong slap across the face. WAKE UP, it demanded. Don’t you see? Millions upon millions will overlook a myriad of faults, lies, and all around lack of experience and vote for him anyway. Perhaps because of his bravado? The possibility of change? The color of his skin? Some mix of all of these?

It’s been infuriating. I fundamentally believe he’s a threat to our nation. His cabinet nominations and recent actions since the inauguration do little to change my opinion.

But there is some good news: we collectively woke up this weekend. His hate, anger, and vulgarity unified millions - citizens, celebrities, and politicians - to march and protest around the globe. The pictures and videos of these peaceful demonstrations are glorious.

Multigenerational families came out in force, seemingly from every ethnicity, class, and background. They flooded streets in cities and communities across the United States - not just homes of the 'coastal elites' - and then Auckland, Belgrade, Berlin, Durban, London, Melbourne, Nairobi, Paris, Tbilisi, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vancouver, and many, many more.

Incredible. Stunning. Refreshing. Historic.

Meanwhile my daughter is supporting South American women for the next several months through an internship at a local nonprofit. Their mission is to distribute handmade goods and crafts on the global market, with profits going back to the women and their families.

Meanwhile a petition demanding immediate release of his tax returns has reached 240,000 email signatures and counting in just 48 hours.

Meanwhile he’s complained about the media’s coverage of his inauguration. He’s chided protesters for not voting. He’s taken action to remove a tax credit from first time home buyers. He’s taking steps to dismantle the Affordable Care Act without a viable replacement defined, much less proposed as legislation.

As the media continues its scrutiny in the coming days and weeks, as they ask legitimate questions that he dodged or ignored during the campaign, I have every expectation more dirt will come to light. Could be Russia campaign coordination. Could be those illusive tax returns. Could be the web of business conflicts. Could be the litigation of sexual harassment and rape. Choose one. Any one.

Then this Republican Congress won’t have any choice. Just as the immediate aftermath of the Billy Bush hot mic recordings, they’ll be repulsed. Their constituents - many of whom were on the Trump Train - will finally say enough. They’ll agree, “We’re tired of the Presidency being a laughingstock. Of the corruption. Of the poor management.”

And the Impeachment process will be swift. Then we’ll be dealing with President Pence. Which might just be worse. But let’s cross this bridge first. Let’s follow our women across.