New Film: Raising the TXT Generation

We were wrapping a pre-production meeting for another corporate video project, when he first mentioned it. That his young pre-tween daughter had received inappropriate pictures via text from a classmate. Even though it had happened months prior, his anger and bewilderment at how this could've happened was still raw and quite visceral. And months later, we turned his frustration into positive action: let's shine a spotlight this intersection between parenting, technology, sexting, and schools in a powerful independent film.

We've assembled our core team, and I've been writing the script over the past several weeks. As the dramatized version of the real sexting event started taking place, we soon realized we needed to tell the story on a broader canvas and truly represent aspects of a community.  Which meant increasing the cast in our film and therefore the budget. So we've just launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a broader team of parents, educators, and kids.


After much deliberation, we chose a newer, smaller crowdfunding platform called Seed&Spark over the larger players Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Seed&Spark has an exclusive emphasis on independent film and presents a 'wedding registry' style of needs for projects, called the Wishlist. This enables contributors to donate cash, specific items, or make an in-kind donation. As the platform gives us credit for followers, thanks in advance for visiting our campaign and considering a donation or following our progress!

Very timely and important subject matter. Our kids have an incredible amount of power in their hands with phones and too much time to use them unchecked. I'm glad I never had to tread these murky waters as a kid.

-- Jenn, mother of 12 year old boy

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