Totality of Unfitness: Donald and Women

The totality of his unfitness is so YUGE I can’t comprehend what’s happened. It fills the vastest wasteland of his ego. It scales the tallest of his towers.

When something is so evident, so blindingly obvious, it’s impossible to come to terms that almost half of the country - some 60.3 million Americans - don’t see the ineptitude, the narcissism, the lack of moral character, the hate fueled, racist speech and behavior. Or worse, they see all of it or some of it, and they let it slide.

I like to think the sheer volume of his faults became white noise that converged and, like the roar of a waterfall, simply muted each other out as the months passed. Or perhaps the faults are grouped together in a ‘boys will be boys’ pass. Like the rationalization given by an overwhelmed, exhausted pre-school staffer to a bullying toddler who pushes and spits at classmates day after day after day.

So with the lies, disinformation, bluster, and hate speech spewed rally after rally, debate after debate, over 60 million Americans gave his faults a pass. All of them. The entire mountain of shittiness. The tallest building of narcissism. Or despite the totality of his unfitness, they just didn’t care. They just wanted a perceived outsider who speaks his mind.

Yes, HIS. Because, let’s not be coy, millions of Americans simply can’t abide with a woman running the country. Not after putting up with an intellectual black man for eight years. It’s looking like our first female President won't be elected for another generational cycle … say 2024. Maybe 2028.

Speaking of women, let’s take a look at Donald’s track record with our fairer sex. I, for one, believe this is a strong indicator of character, of a moral center, of personal fiber. NPR, one of those liberal media organizations, has created a detailed breakdown of the 13 - THIRTEEN - women who have come forward accusing the Donald of inappropriate sexual conduct and advances since the Billy Bush recording was released. Who knows how many more women are out there who haven't come forward.

Without even delving into the sordid disgusting details, this is the type of man millions of Americans want running the country? And how did so many women possibly vote for someone who demeans their very core? How does the father of daughters vote for a man who values teen girls and women based solely on their looks? And then acts in a predatory ways towards those that pass his attraction scale.


By voting for him,  Americans have given his criminal, predatory behavior a seal of approval.  These votes said, “Yes, it’s OK to grope women. To value them by looks alone. To force yourself upon them.”

That’s the kind’ve of country we are? That we want?

In an equally bizarre alternate reality, the very political party that has screamed Christian doctrine for decades, that prides itself on family values, allowed a man without a moral compass to remake the party in his image.

In summary: three marriages, 13 accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct in the past month, not to mention the on-again, off-again charges of teen rape 20 years ago. (Off again most recently, because apparently the victim's been threatened and is afraid to come forward.)

And Bill Clinton was impeached for a consensual affair with an intern?

The hypocrisy is yuge. Almost as large as my fury.

There is a sliver of a bright side - I am thrilled to read of a Million Woman March being organized for the day after the Inauguration in January. I remain hopeful that the courts or the Electoral College will prevent his swearing in. But regardless, I applaud the women, men, and gender undefined who are saying ‘Hells NO!’ and taking action.

Stating what I think is the blinding obvious - we should not have a President who treats half the population as less than. As objects. As contestants. I like to believe that bad deeds will ultimately be punished. In this decades long pattern of behavior towards women, I'm still waiting.

In my next post, as if this wasn’t enough, I’ll take a look at Donald, the businessman. If it’s possible, the situation gets even worse.