Story Geometry - a new podcast

After hours of sporadic listening over the years, the podcast bug bit hard in 2012, primarily through flagship NPR, PRI, and APM offerings. Then I looked at the plethora of podcasts on my iPhone Podcast app and was blown away. Incredible, mind-blowing diversity of content. With quality / production value all over the map.

And I knew it was time to add my voice to the podcast pool!

I invested in a podcast production workshop last October - shout out to the incomparable Benjamen Walker, his amazing guest speakers, and our host Union Docs – and here I am, nine months later, feet in the audio stirrups, and pushing like a champ.

Join me in the deep end to explore a personal passion that I share with millions: the craft and community of writing and storytelling. I've been an avid reader since age six or seven and an aspiring novelist throughout adulthood. I am beyond thrilled to be collaborating with literary non-profit Writing By Writers to guide me on this exploration and can't wait to share the first episode with you.

Polish those ear buds and stay tuned!

28 August 15 Update -- WE'RE LIVE IN iTunes! Thanks for subscribing and listening!