Presidential #ElectionYearLit

In the unlikely event you've just awoken from a deep sleep, we're in the midst of Presidential March Madness. Our Final Four: Clinton (the expected #1 seed), Sanders (surprisingly well run campaign), Cruz (tea party conservatism shines), and Trump (shockingly effective campaign). And oh yeah, Ohio Governor Kasich remains in the race as of this writing. Having one won state primary: his own. The Presidential primary has had controversial, vitriolic, and exchanges between the candidates and the campaigns

While I continue working with award-winning writers and teachers on the Story Geometry podcast - why not subscribe on iTunes? - I kicked off Season Two in February with Episode 009, Initiative vs Destiny. I opened with insights on the writing life from Lamda Literary Award Winner and University of Arizona Creative Writing Associate Professor Fenton Johnson as well as Karen Nelson, the co-founder of my podcast partner, Writing by Writers.

In honor of Election 2016, it's fascinating to consider what literary works will spawn from this election cycle. So I'm closing each episode this season with an #ElectionYearLit segment, where I feature fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, or poetry influenced by politics, politicians, or policies of the era. I'll keep a running list here throughout the year, and they'll be more details with each podcast episode:

  • Episode 009 - John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath - 1940 Pulitzer Prize Winner
  • Episode 010 - Junot Dîaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - 2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner