In Honor Of a Slain Storyteller

Did he start the school year with excitement? With apprehension?  Was he eager about another crop of students to incite, excite, and inspire?

Adjunct Professor Larry Levine was, by various accounts of friends, colleagues, and students, enjoying his days in rural Oregon. In addition to teaching Creative Writing at Umpqua Community College, he was an avid fly fisherman and nature guide.

I wonder if Larry wrote anything Thursday morning - any morning muses, scraps of dialogue, or perhaps description from a recent outing - before heading over to the UCC campus for Writing 115. Before he was murdered by another lonely male psychopath.

I didn't know Professor Levine. But I recognize him. A divorced man who lived alone. Who found solace and contentment among the wonders of nature. Who reveled in writing, despite not having published one of his several novels, and in teaching, albeit at a community college as opposed to a more prestigious university.

I recognize in Larry my possible path in two decades time. And he seems to have set an admirable bar.

I've got 60 days until a milestone birthday of sorts, and since Larry can no longer take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, I'll write a short post each day until then in his honor. For his love of stories well told.

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