ch ... ch ... changes

Given a move and new school due to my parent's divorce, I reinvented myself at age 11. 7th grade. Yes, things were pretty bad to demand tinkering at such a tender age.

This new Ben was a much needed, successful creation - for the most part. But his creation established a trend of shape shifting, of an uncertain foundation.

My ability to confirm and adapt has served me well through a circuitous career. Through premature marriage (i.e., too young), parenthood, divorce, primary custodianship, career pivots, mistakes, and successes. 

And now, after 20 years of parenting serving as the driving factor in life & career decisions, I'll admit to being a bit unmoored. They were my foundation, my core these past decades, and my reinvention engine is sputtering, coughing white-blue smoke as it tries to catch.

I'm in the process of moving to a city of millions - almost all of whom are actors, writers, producers, or directors - to an industry that prizes youth, and that is creakily swinging toward employing more women and minorities.  

I am neither young, a woman, or a minority. Perhaps my timing's a little off. 

Yet, Los Angeles here I come. No need to roll out the red carpet just yet. Let me get the new, 2016 Ben defined, solidified, and on a purposeful path of storytelling through writing, podcasts, TV, and film. Like I did 30 plus years ago, I must embrace the changes as the late, great David Bowie sang and thrive in the possibility of what's next.