44th School Shooting in '15

I'm posting for 60 days straight, leading up to my early December birthday, and I'm making the time to write on behalf of slain UCC Professor and aspiring novelist, Larry Levine.

I was stunned -  SHOCKED - to read that Thursday's massacre at UCC was the 44th school shooting in 2015. I consider myself pretty up to date on current events. I'm a religious NPR listener, though my news consumption has diminished as I listen to more and more podcasts, but I had no idea there'd been a dozen school shootings this year, much less 44. And 10 of them included fatalities, from California to the Carolinas to Ohio.

So is the media covering these shootings less than in years past? Am I becoming numb to the news, so much so that I don't even pay attention? Or is the shooting news cycle just shorter, so that it's left the airwaves within 24 hours?

Given the pace we're on, statistics show they'll be more shootings before 2015 is over. If you'd like to take a step to end gun violence, join me in supporting the efforts from Everytown.

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